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  1. What is domain trading?
  2. What is Protrada?
  3. How Much Does Protrada Cost?
  4. Can Protrada aid me in generating money?
  5. Is my personal information safe with Protrada?
  6. Can I buy and sell domains in Protrada?
  7. How can Protrada help me with domain trading?
  8. How do I know what domains are good for me to buy?
  9. Is it beneficial to link my other external accounts to Protrada?
  10. Can I register a domain name with Protrada?
  11. What is the Bid Manager?
  12. What is the Domain Exchange?
  13. What are the different types of auctions? What do I need to know before placing a bid on one of them?
  14. What is a dropped domain?
  15. I bought a domain, now what do I do?
  16. Can I import my domains into Protrada?

What is domain trading?

Domain Trading is the business of buying and selling domains in search for profits; buy low and sell high. Most transactions that occur in the domain marketplace can be compared to the New York Stock Exchange, with thousands of people exchanging domains as a way to reach financial goals. The goal of a domainer is to have the best possible collection, or portfolio, of domains as possible.

What is Protrada?

Protrada is a convenient and efficient platform that enables you to buy, sell, and manage domain names, all in one place! It provides members with all the data and tools that are needed for efficient domaining.

Protrada combines all of the world’s major domain auction houses in one place, giving you the tools you need to develop a successful portfolio and spending little time doing it. In addition, using Protrada, you can list your domains for sale on multiple selling channels. Protrada makes it extremely easy to import all of your domains so that you can manage them across multiple registrars, all in one place.

How much does Protrada cost?

Protrada offers a variety of different plans that cater to domain traders with different interests and requirements.
For more information please Contact Us and a free education course on domain trading click here. We also offer additional education and coaching and trading software contact us

Can Protrada aid me in generating money?

Money is made on the trade of the domain, buy low and sell high. Protrada makes it easy to get the domains you want at the price you want and then makes it easy for you to sell. Protrada allows you to list your domains for sale across multiple selling channels to monetize your domain investments.

Using tools like the Bid Manager will also allow you to save money by submitting your bids in the final minutes of auctions and avoid attracting competing bids.

Is my personal information safe with Protrada?

Protrada places user security as a main priority. All user data and account information is encrypted and secured.

We have received a TrustE privacy certification; which assures that Protrada complies with the correct privacy practices and meets all legal requirements. Our site is scanned each day by McAfee to confirm that the site is secure and no one has access to private user information. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption applies to any page where personal information is displayed or saved. All of these security measures led to Protrada being recommended by industry-leaders like due to our high security standards.

Can I buy and sell domains in Protrada?

Yes, Protrada members can buy and sell their domains using the system’s Domain Exchange. The Exchange houses millions of aftermarket domains from various marketplaces, across multiple auction types. Selling domains through Protrada is just as easy and will allow you to showcase your domains across a variety of different selling channels such as GoDaddy, Sedo, AfterNic, and the internal Protrada Marketplace.

Members have the ability to backorder or bid on domains that are listed for sale at some of the world’s largest domain auction houses. Some of the different marketplaces include Go Daddy, Pool, Namejet and many more, from various auction types such as Expiring, Pre-Auction, Auction, Buy It Now, and Premium. Protrada members can utilize certain tools such as Creating Filtersets and the Bid Manager that give you the controls you need to secure the domains you want.

How can Protrada help me with domain trading?

Protrada gives domainers the ability to take all of their information in their portfolio from various sources and organize it in one place. In addition, Protrada offers its users unlimited domain data and tools like the Bid Manager, Watchlists, Custom Filtersets, and the Trading Floor so they can make the maximum profit from their investments and keep updated with real-time auction statistics.

In addition, Protrada offers an extensive selection of education videos that can teach you about certain strategies and resources that are useful for domain trading..

How do I know what domains are good for me to buy?

Determining what domains are good for you to buy can be based on a number of different factors. The keywords used in the domain name are an important factor in determining value. The more likely the keywords are to be searched by people on the internet, the better the chances are of that domain getting traffic, which leads to increased value.

The niche of the domain can raise or lower value as well. Some niches like real estate, legal representation or doctor referrals can be seen as very valuable to advertisers wanting to attract business through your site.

The TLD of a domain plays a factor in the value, the TLD are the letters that come after the “dot” in a domain. These are usually .com, .net, .org etc. As a general rule to follow, .com’s are often the most valuable.

Recent sales can give you a good estimate on the value of a domain. Much like the real estate business, it can be beneficial to find out the selling price of comparable items. The more traffic a website gets, the more likely you are to raise money through advertising revenue or product sales on your site. It is important to evaluate what your individual goals and expectations are before you start buying domains so that you can gain a clear understanding of what you should be looking for.

For more information on which domains are good to buy as an investment, check out the Protrada Education videos for more strategies and suggestions.

Is it beneficial to link my other external accounts to Protrada?

Yes, linking your external accounts to Protrada is the fastest way to get your Protrada account setup and ready to start selling and bidding on domains.

In order to place bids in the Exchange, you will have to link your auction-enabled accounts with marketplaces such as Go Daddy, Pool, Namejet and others.

Also, linking your accounts with Sedo, Go Daddy, and AfterNic will unlock the available selling channels and make it possible for you to list your domains for sale through Protrada with a simple 3-step process.

Can I register a domain name with Protrada?

Currently Protrada does not offer registration services but at any time you can browse through millions of aftermarket domains available for purchase and utilize the variety of services in Protrada for domains that have already been registered.

Protrada specializes in the domain aftermarket and gives users an opportunity to purchase unlimited domains.

What is the Bid Manager?

The Bid Manager can be used in a variety of different ways, all aimed to save you time and money. This tool can place timed bids for you to maximize your chances of winning while saving you the time you would normally spend in front of your computer.

Delayed and timed bids are submitted at the last possible moment to avoid bidders “piggybacking” into certain auctions and attracting the attention of competing bids.

Users have the option to manage multiple timed bids simultaneously across a number of different auctions and platforms. Different bidding options allow users to only post their maximum bid that will remain hidden from other bidders until the final minutes of the auction, at which point the necessary bid will be submitted to the auction house.

What is the Domain Exchange?

The Domain Exchange houses millions of aftermarket domains that are available from all of the external marketplaces that Protrada partners with. Sorting and filtering options give Protrada users an edge in that they have the ability to navigate through the massive list of domains and focus their search to find exactly what they are looking for.

What are the different types of auctions? What do I need to know before placing a bid on one of them?

Protrada features domains that are available for purchase, divided into categories of Expiring, Pre-Auction, Auction, Buy It Now and Premium. The details of each type of domain are listed below:

  • Expiring, or dropping, domains are ones that have reached the end of their registration period with the owner and can be caught on the drop for a relatively low price. Valuable domains slip through to the Expiring listings at times and can be found in the Exchange starting at $20.
  • Pre-Auction domains have expired but have not yet reached the open auction market. These listings feature NameJet pending delete domains.
  • Auctions shows any listing where a bid can be placed from various sources, including Go Daddy, SnapNames, and several others.
  • Buy it now domains can be purchased outright if the buyer is willing to pay the price that has been set by the seller.

Premium domains are domains that are priced at $500 or more.

What is a dropped domain?

A dropped domain is one that was not re-newed by its owner after it expired. The original owner of the domain has the first chance to renew their registration of the domain. If they choose not to, the domain will become available for Backorder.

Browsing through Expiring domains gives you the opportunity to find valuable domains that have expired, and place backorders with multiple catching services all from the Exchange, starting at only $20 with Protrada.

I bought a domain, now what do I do?

After you purchase a domain you are free to do whatever you would like with it. You can list them for sale through Protrada, or develop them into sites using external resources. Whatever you choose to do, once the domain is yours you will have no real limitations.

Can I import my domains into Protrada?

Importing your domains into Protrada allows you to manage an unlimited number of domains, across multiple registrars, in one efficient platform.

The Import Domains thumbnail is displayed on the Dashboard of Protrada, under the Get Started tab, and allows users to import their domains in bulk. When working with a large portfolio Protrada members also have the option of uploading a CSV file that contains a list of their domain names.

Please keep in mind that importing domains into Protrada does not mean that these domains have changed their DNS information nor that Protrada will automatically host them. Once the domains are imported, however, you will have various options for managing your Portfolio.

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