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Dashboard - Instantly See Your Domaining Position

Protrada - Domain Name Dashboard

This is where you land after logging into Protrada.

You can jump right in and start buying, importing, or selling your domains by clicking on any one of the buttons under the Get Started Tab.

The Status Summary tab tells you how your recent trading is progressing; the total number of domains in your portfolio, how many auctions you?re watching, winning, and losing, as well as how many pre-auction and pending domains you?re watching.

The right hand column lists the domains you are watching that are ending within 24 hours and the daily domain bargains in real time.

Domain Exchange - The Heart of Protrada

Protrada - The Domain Name Exchange.

In the Exchange you can start your search for undervalued aftermarket domains.

First select the type of domains you prefer; Expiring, Pre-Auction, Auction, Buy it Now or Premium.

You can use the drop down menus to select one of or start adjusting the filter columns to begin a new search. Protrada offers 23 search criteria to make finding the domains you want simple and fast. You can use special characters for the filters to make searching easier (for example: <, >, =, for less than, greater than, and equal to).

If you have certain search criteria you use regularly you can create a Filter to save even more time, so that whenever you login to Protrada all domains that meet your criteria will be instantly available for you to review.

When you find domains you want to consider buying add them to your Watchlist by clicking the Eye icon next to the domain. If you find a domain you want right now, click the icon in the Shopping Cart column. Depending on how the domain is being offered you can Buy it Now, Make Offer, Bid On It or Backorder.

You can also export a CSV with all the data in the Exchange if you decide you want to do more sorting in another program.

Bid Manager - Your Secret Weapon to Domaining Success

Protrada - The Bid Manager.

Bid Manager is a technology that is developed by Protrada and is exclusively available to our members, giving them an edge when bidding on domains in the various marketplaces. As auctions end around the clock, Bid Manager will work when you're asleep or away from your computer to place your bid in the very final minutes of the auction. Set your maximum bid and Bid Manager will bid just enough to win the auction in the final minutes. This saves you hours sitting at your computer and prevents your bids from drawing the attention of other domain buyers. And fewer potential buyers, means lower prices.

Now, you can also use the technology of the Bid Manager for backordering Expiring domains on NameJet and SnapNames.

Make sure to upgrade your account once you sign up so that you can take advantage of this powerful tool and put the Bid Manager to work for you.

Also, you can select to receive SMS notifications when you are outbid in an auction or win a domain.

Watchlist - Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Protrada Bid Security

After analyzing, searching, sorting and filtering domains in the Exchange, your Watchlist is like a corral where you can keep a close eye on the domains you are really interested in buying. No matter if they are Pre-auction, Auction or Buy It Now, you can start bidding in an auction, make an offer or buy it outright from within the Watchlist.

Bidding in Protrada can be done using Bid Manager technology. Bid Manager automatically places your bid in the final minutes of an auction to help you win more auctions at lower prices.

The History tab shows a complete record of all domain auctions you have participated in along with stats showing how many bids were made and the final winning bid.

Trading Floor - Where the Action Happens

Protrada domain name trading floor

The Trading Floor shows, in real time, the status of domains you are bidding on. As a domain you are bidding on goes above your highest bid it will move to the Losing column. You can then raise your maximum bid, directly from the Trading Floor, and watch it move back into the Winning column, if you become the highest bidder.

All the domains you are watching that end within 24 hours will appear in the Watching column and you can submit bids directly from here as well.

Remember, if utilized, the Protrada Bid Manager only sends your bid to the auction house in the final minutes of an auction to ensure you pay the best possible price.

Portfolio - Domain Name Management Made Easy

Protrada Domain Name Portfolio

Quickly and easily review all of your domains all in one place!

The three sections of the Portfolio are Trading, Manage, and Selling.

Use the Trading section to track your domains, get appraisals list domains for sale, and calculate your ROI.

Use the Manage section to search, filter and sort all the domains you have imported or won on Protrada.

And last, use the Selling section to monitor the progress of the domains you have listed for sale.

Sell Your Domains

Protrada Domain Name Reporting

Using Protrada, you can easily list your domains for sale on multiple platforms, all in one click. Protrada allows you to list your domains for sale on Go Daddy, Sedo, AfterNic, and the Protrada marketplaces. You can list them on just one or all four marketplaces, all in one action using the Protrada Selling Wizard from the Trading section of the Portfolio.


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